Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another post

I've been on an enforced leave of absence from cyberspace for the last week and a half.  Problems in the real world required attention: you could say I'm in the middle of several transitions.  Meaning, what?  Well, this is just to say that although it is the least secure place to be, my favorite place to be in terms of my creative work is in the spot where I'm not sure what a poem is anymore.  An assemblage, a vocalization, a mirror to reality, an utterance, a structure.

Transition is moving from one place to another.  Thus, I move.  While these thoughts do not appear to be connected, yet they are.  Literature is a kinetic art, said Stanley Fish a long time ago. Life is also a kinetic art--a transition from one word to another, from one state of being to another, from one moment to another.  To be in transit is to move.  Although we are barely aware of it, we are always in a state of transition--from sleeping to waking, from one emotional state to another, the opening and closing of communications varied and complicated by electronic media.  Every new thought is a new door to walk through.

The least secure place to be: when I am aware that I am always in transition, kinesis.  Recalling that makes these larger acts of transition easier: childcare arrangements, work habits, the compromises on which a life is structured.

The day I went into hibernation to think a lot of things through (and have emerged feeling as though, well, here I am again and life can still be good, my friend Elizabeth Aquino at A moon, worn as if it had been a shell, gave me the Uber Amazing Blog award:


So, a big thanks to Elizabeth, whose blog I adore for its open and upfront emotion, and its unclouded view of childhood disability.

Blogs that I think are truly amazing and that I read regularly are as follows--in the spirit of this award, all are women, all of them dealing with lives, stories, and problems uniquely female:

1. Vicki Forman: speak softly . . . and carry the proverbial baton grand

Vicki also writes about childhood disability, being a writer, working in creative non-fiction.  She has a memoir coming out soon, and writes with a clarity I can only try to emulate.  Each post is clear, unique, self-contained, complete.

2. Kate Hopper: Mother words: mothers who write

Kate tackles difficult subjects with ease, and her writing is bright and lively and full of spirit.

3. Katie Bowler: West Egg

Katie writes about her life since leaving New Orleans a couple of years after Katrina.  She's a poet, also and a fine one.  Her blog is quirky, wise, and funny.

4. Leslie: Always Winter

In a perpetual dialogue with self and world, Leslie is also a poet.  She leads a life I think I envy--self-reliant, free to write & think, independent.

5. Sara: Femme Fatale

Sara is making it as a single mother: by turns funny and poignant, her writing style is graceful, insightful.

6. "Macy Swain": Night Blind

Macy is a pen name for a fellow writer/friend, Jan.  Jan is a professional writer with a long list of credentials, a wonderful writing style, and marvelous observations.

7.  Amy Lemmon: Saint Nobody

Amy is who you wish you could visit if you went to New York--another mother of a child with disabilities, she's finding a way to anchor herself in the midst of whatever life throws at her, continuing to write and publish and all that.

So--I know there are a group of people out there who read--read these blogs as well!

A lot going on with Robert, but that's another post.  



Special Needs Mama said...

Thank you--and see you soon.

Amy said...

Jeneva, I am so honored to be included in your list! Thank you so much for reading. Your writing is wonderful--I hope we get to meet in person someday!

Leslie said...

I too am thrilled to make your list, and right back at you—how you find time and energy to blog, and do it so well, is astonishing to me. And a gift. Thank you!

jeneva said...

Thanks for the good words! And, of course, I did this not quite right--you all are recipients of the Uber-blogger award as well! That's part of what I was supposed to say.

Too many Xmas/Hanukah errands. Too little brain power.

Macy Swain said...

I am honored, too, Jeneva. It's wonderful to be part of this community -- I feel soul connections to many of the other bloggers you mention, and to you -- even though we've never met. Thanks again.