Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baseball, the odds

Baseball is my favorite sport.  A game of odds and possibilities.  At any given moment, the laws of probability suggest that some thing are more likely to happen than others: that if the bases are loaded with two outs, there is a play at any base; that if you have two on, first and second, the pitcher will tend to pitch low to promote a double play; that in the bottom of the 9th, with two out, the count 3-2, your goose is cooked.  Yet the odds are only odds--every pitch really is a new game. 

This is the way I live my life.  Trying to pitch something that can't be hit.  Or waiting as the game appears to be moving on some predictable course for the outlier event.  You have to have heart and spirit to be a baseball fan.  You have to be willing to believe.  


Elizabeth said...

God Dodgers!

Elizabeth said...

OOps. I meant Go Dodgers!

jeneva said...

Let's see how the ALCS goes--in the meantime, Go Red Sox!