Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stickers and true devotion

[Impressions from last week--most of the summer, we've gotten in the car together, dropped Edith at camp, dropped Robert at camp, parked the car under the Metro, and headed into downtown DC together.]

Morning in the capital area, and as we make the rounds of summer camp to parking garage, we note each day a few more Obama bumper stickers.  Bumper stickers are a cautionary tale in WDC--so many campaigns, so much money, so many losses.  Putting a sticker on your car requires true devotion.  After the Kerry/Edwards debacle, we've seen fewer and fewer.  Even the "W '04" and "Bush/Cheney 04" stickers are disappearing--possibly from disillusionment, possibly because people are selling their SUVs.  

But it's noticeable enough a loss that pulled up behind an Explorer at the Old Georgetown Road intersection, we are startled out of our early morning complacency and tedium to spot "W 04" like an endangered bird.  One of the 28 percent--amazing sighting.

Whispers at the bus stop last June: do you think he can really beat McCain?  When they ask that, our friends actually draw in the breath and hold it, paused.

The canvasser from the DNC is at our door complaining, or perhaps calculating our available sympathy, that the Obama campaign is out-raising them by a margin of, I think, 2 or 3 to 1.  My neighbors don't seem to understand the urgency of this, he notes.  A sign that the two dueling political machines are still picking splinters from their cogs' teeth, residue of sticks jammed in by the voters.  A sign of change, if not progress.

We empathize with the canvasser, having many friends who got their start at the DCCC or DNC. So we give him $100 for the party and $3 from my eight-year-old so that he can buy coffee or soda on his way home after a long day--we don't think she can give legally.

The glimpse of the election season at its summer solstice is a beautiful sight--two stars ascendant but not yet with their brilliance dark-spotted--the sound beneath them a collective holding of the breath. 

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