Tuesday, July 08, 2008

1962 or so

Kind of a 1962 type of day.  After the kids came home from camp, a neighbor and I set up our garden-hose driven slip and slide for the kids.  We phoned some of the other neighbors and told them to send their kids over.  We pulled out my favorite folding fabric lawn chairs with the deep pocket-like seats.  We discussed the possibility of drinking a beer (just the moms, not the kids) and nixed that, deciding to use the mint from the garden to make mojitos.  They were great--so we were pleasantly tipsy in the fading sunlight with a gentle breeze blowing as the DC humidity actually dropped and our kids were happily entertained and some other neighbor moms wandered over and I mentioned my husband's idea of competing with the various lemonade stands that pop up on our street by having a mojito stand on our front porch one Saturday.

We helped Robert glide down the water slide and he was giddy with joy and the day.  

And it was almost like it was when I was a little girl in about 1969 or 1970, which in Vermont was basically 1962.  The war rumbled in the background, but we kids paid little attention: then as now.

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