Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If I can find someone to help me through an HTML edit of my main page, maybe I can figure out why I can't get comments to show up.  

Here's one just left by a friend about my last post, "Choice, feminism, failure":

Special Needs Mama has left a new comment on your post "Choice, feminism, failure": 

I personally think that feminism has been seriously derailed by the choice issue (and, frankly that they have been baited into being derailed by the religious right--NARAL and Planned Parenthood and everyone else couldn't just stand aside and let the anti-abortionists keep at it with their awful rhetoric). The real issues affecting women in this country have to do with equal pay for equal work, family and medical leave acts, affordable child care and so on and so on. Thanks for a great rant (!), full of terrific thought provoking insights. Blog on! 

Posted by Special Needs Mama to Busily Seeking . . . Continual Change at 9:08 PM

OK, more from me later on this topic--supposed to be 'working from home' at the moment.  

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