Saturday, May 31, 2008

Poetry Daily is coming on the right day!

I finished Sarah Manguso's Two Kinds of Decay on the bus back and forth to NYC.  I've also begun reading Kevin Prufer's National Anthem, and am about 2/3 of the way through.  I like both of them very much and will write brief reviews of each this coming week.  Right now, I'm jotting down notes. I write a lot of these posts off the top of my head and would like the treatment of these two authors to be a bit more dignified.  

Today, though, as I'm settling back into family life (did I mention that I had English tea at the Morgan Library?  I'm a sucker for little luxuries--sugared grapes and strawberries, little sandwiches--tuna salad, the best I've ever had and I hate tuna salad--scones & trifles), as I'm settling back into family life, I want to update my figures on Poetry Daily.  Some of you, but probably not many of you, have been looking forward to this.

Rather than put this all in context again, I will refer you to two earlier posts of mine that explain this:

Poetry Daily has improved its numbers!  ("Krushchev is coming on the right day!").  My count of the split between male and female poets on PD for 2007 was 42.1% content by women and 57.9% content by men.  This involved my counting translations in a way that upped the count of women, so I was overestimating the number of women (counting for chicks both poems translated by women and poems in translation that were originally by women), so PD was probably publishing 40% or less content by women.

Now I am counting translations in the following way: by gender of the translator, since the point of PD is to highlight new work.  

From Jan. 1, 2008 thru May 31, 2008, PD has published 48.6% content by women and 51.3% content by men.  So, up about 7 points for the girls.  Unfortunately, this is so far due to the fact that women had a banner month in May, accounting for 58% of PD's content.  More poems were published by men in April, March, and February.  In January, it was exactly even (I tossed out one poem because it was someone with initials and the bio did not yield an answer to the question of gender).  

Anyway, cheers to Poetry Daily, which is still doing the good work of promoting poetry.

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