Saturday, April 26, 2008

Your Grandparents' Election

I keep thinking that Hillary will pull this off.  Obama is back in that mode he was in just before the primary voting started: detached, not really into it, no fire.  You keep wondering whether or not he really wants it.  Hillary, having realized that people wanted her to run a real campaign for this nomination, keeps shouting out, Look, I'm actually running a campaign and winning!  It's not too late!  The do-over worked!

If Hillary were any candidate other than a Clinton, superdelegates would be out supporting Obama in droves.  But they're afraid of her.  Which just goes to show you that the Democratic Party has no actual leadership.  

I don't know that if she pulls this off if I can actually get myself to vote for her.  I'll have two choices: vote for Nader or not vote for president.  Hillary may or may not be a racist herself, but she sure has used racist techniques to drive wedges and try to wrest the nomination away from him.  This presents, for me, an ethical and moral dilemma: McCain sure is a racist (or, at the very least, will stoop to racist strategies to win) and I don't want him to win.  But I can't vote for someone else who exhibits such appalling personal and public behavior, i.e., Hillary.

So, what this boils down to is your grandparents' election.  A McCain/Hillary race is another Let's Do the Time Warp Again kind of deal.  Future?  What future?  Why think about the future when it's so much easier to pretend the future is the past?

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