Friday, February 08, 2008

Annals of Male Dumbassery, vol. 2

Updates: Joe Shuster of MSNBC has been suspended by the network for making disrespectful and misogynistic remarks about Chelsea Clinton, including commenting that she was being "pimped out" on the campaign trail.  Keith Olberman made the announcement on the Countdown.  Yet further recognition by MSNBC that women watch their network, women vote, and women's opinions count.  

If only CNN would wake up and smell the coffee--Paul Begala could definitely go, and David Gergen tried out the adjective "shrill" in reference to Hillary a few weeks ago.  Wolf Blitzer is sexist pig: it's common knowledge at that network that he has a huge zipper problem and his behavior toward female staff walks the fine line of sexual harassment on a regular basis.  Bill Bennett is a lumbering mass of manly bile, and Glen Beck isn't even aware that there was a 20th century, let alone that we're in the 21st.  

I may still vote for Obama because I just don't think consolidating power in the hands of only two families for the better part of three decades is a good idea, but the reaction of women to the male punditocracy's thinly veiled sexism re: Hillary's run for the presidency has really taught the news media a lesson.  

Now, if they'd just stop taking advertisements for Cialis, Viagra, and Flomax, I would be a happy woman.  Do I really have to hear the excruciating details of penis problems every 10 to 15 minutes?  Do I really need to feel forced to empathize with the men who have, apparently through great feats of macho courage, overcome these devastating dysfunctions through their brave swallowing of pills?  I do not doubt that these conditions have emotional and physical consequences, but if they can be solved simply by regularly swallowing a pill, isn't this merely a practical, not a heroic matter?  And do I want my daughter to ask me and my husband again what ED is?  For several months, she was satisfied with the idea that "it's when old guys have trouble with love," but no more.  I once tried to tell her it was the abbreviation for the Department of Education (which it is), but, somehow, she knew that was a lie.

That said, you all may not believe me, but deep in my thoroughly heterosexual little heart, I really am very fond of guys.  I just wish they could get a grip on themselves.  Which last comment I did not mean as a funny joke, my dear husband, whom I know reads this blog.

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