Thursday, January 24, 2008

Perp report

The campaign coverage is getting boring again.  After spending a brief amount of time covering the issues, the news media has decided to turn the general theme into "who was mean to whom today?"  Frankly, I don't care.  As we did in the last two elections, Roger and I have very real things at stake, including health care.  It would be nice to get some actual reporting.

Instead we're getting what my brother-in-law used to refer to as the after-kindergarten perp report (that his daughter would give when he'd ask her what she did in school that day):

Rudy yelled at the teacher and was sent to the office.
Mitt cried and his mother had to come and get him.
Mikey kept bothering me by poking me and saying, Jesus Saves, over and over again and he wouldn't stop.
John M. said his mother would come in and beat us up until the teacher made him sit at the other table.
Ron threatened Alice with scissors.
John E. said his hair was nicer than Alice's hair.
People were mean to Barack and he said he wouldn't talk to anybody all day.  But then he did.
Hillary wouldn't be my friend--she said she only wanted to play with the boys.

OK--enough of that and probably not that funny.  But D. will appreciate this, D. who is writing about toilets.  Someone googled my blog looking for "large intestine poems."  

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