Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feministas running amok in NH

We're watching the NH primary returns in my house. My husband just pointed to the title of my blog and quipped, "see, you've been on the change bandwagon for a long time now." Very funny.

An anonymous reader gave me the thumbs up for my Poetry Daily "count." I should mention that my method may have helped balance for non-gender-specific names that I might have accidentally counted as male. However, I counted every translation that was split male:female::translator/original:original/translator as a female, rather than male count. PD publishes a significant number of translations. So it's entirely possible that the male/female split on PD over the course of last year is much closer to 60/40.

Finally, in a random series of general feminist entries ce soir, bonehead comment of the night goes to Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who noted that "older" women might be turning out for Hillary in large numbers because they figure this is their last chance to see a woman elected president. My husband notes that when pollsters refer to "older" men and women, they usually mean people over the age of sixty. So your basic life expectancy for women in the U.S. has suddenly become 64?

The following website: www.talkingpointsmemo.com has been noting that women (even those who say they're not voting for Hillary) are getting a little irritated by the misogynist boneheaded commentary of CNN and MSNBC, and are specifically citing Matthews as a first-order Neanderthal.

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