Thursday, September 13, 2007

Articulation vs. speech

This, perhaps, is stating the obvious, but the ways in which poetry is a form of communication really strike me lately. Not just a mouth for self-expression, or a way of speaking, or a method for communicating ideas or feelings.

But a manner of articulation that goes quite beyond speech. To write a poem seems to me to be a method of articulation that involves not just the communication of ideas, but the carving out, the expression, the shaping of an utterance that is urgent--not politically, not personally, but has an artistic urgency. What is an artistic urgency? Damned if I know for sure. The method, not of saying, but articulation. Articulation--to connect, to join. So to joint form to words to heard rhythm. To connect audience and what is expressed. To communicate a vision of the mind with some effectiveness to a willing audience. To convince of artistic necessity.

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