Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stewart/Colbert '08

Jon Stewart said something interesting in a Rolling Stone interview that made me think (not particularly hard because I stayed up until 3 am last night watching the returns--and now it's over and we have the Senate).

"People always seem to view comedy as an affliction as opposed to an ability. I think it is a wiring issue. I remember the first time I got up onstage to do comedy, I sucked. There was something about it where I went, 'Oh, right, this rhythm feels like how my brain works, and I think I will get good at this if I work hard.'"

The phrase, "this rhythm feels like how my brain works," struck a chord with me in terms of what poetry feels like, how it originates, what it is.

I told Roger all I want for the holidays is a Stewart/Colbert '08 t-shirt--a sweatshirt if he's feeling flush.

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