Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Magic or something like it

I was remembering watching the 2004 World Series this morning, or, rather, the AL Championship Series, which was much more exciting as baseball than the World Series that year. The Red Sox, of course, beat the Cardinals in the World Series in 4 straight games, which was satisfying, but the real tension was in the Red Sox vs. Yankees AL playoffs. I remember emailing with my family during the last game and afterwards. I can't remember what the score was during the 9th, but the Red Sox were ahead by at least a couple of runs, maybe even three or four. Yet all of us were worried that somehow the Yankees were magic, and that with no one on in the 9th, with two outs and two strikes against the last batter, that somehow they would score 4 runs and win. But they didn't, of course, and no rational person would have thought they would.

So I was wondering if the same thought process might apply to the Republicans in this year's election. Are they magic? Can they really keep both the House and the Senate? Or will their magic involve tinkering with Diebold electronic voting?

In other matters: down to the last packet of the program. This is it.

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