Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rambling Post

Am having a hard time keeping up with this with all the travel lately, back and forth to Vermont, which is where I am now--again. And I should call some friends.

Poetry is so much on the back burner right now. This may be the inevitable result of too many big events happening too close together--there's no processing time. I knew this semester would be really difficult for all kinds of reasons: I think it's hard to leave the program with its collegiality (although that's felt marred of late--is that spelled right? my spelling deteriorates by the day) and warmth. And sense of direction and structure, although it also teaches you how to structure your time (as though I needed another lesson in that!).

At any rate, I feel as though I'm ready to graduate--as Ellen would say, I feel that my apprenticeship is just about over. The goal now is to find a project in addition to writing that will keep me just as busy as ever. Maybe I'll take a short break, though . . .

As for the Robert update: he's doing really, really well on the eyegaze communicator. The rehabilitation from hip surgery is turning out to be long and involved, but we are making gradual progress. I'd like to see him bearing weight and walking with assistance soon, though. He amazes me, though--he doesn't give up or crumble into some sort of despair. Robert just keeps trying, as long as we keep encouraging him. I should try to figure out if there's something he could do in the Special Olympics--he really loves sports, and we had to talk to him not long ago about his not being able to play on the school teams. We were telling him that the eyegazer would be like a sport for him--allowing him to play games with his friends, etc.

I've got to pull my thoughts together soon and write some more about poetry. Maybe some more thoughts about my class, which is still rather vaguely defined. Maybe a few days in this beautiful place (VT) without other obligations will prove refreshing--right now, I am worn out.

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