Monday, June 26, 2006

Waiting, Waiting, Raining, Raining

OK, so I'm sitting here, just waiting for the power to go out. The cable has been out all day--under water, probably. The rain is unbearable--all day long, several days in a row, only brief respites, and then it starts again. And it's rain like onslaught--I keep wondering whether the roof is actually going to hold, it's coming down so hard.

We just had the side yard landscaped to deal with water issues in the basement, and, so far, the landscaping is doing its job.

I can't wait to get away from this swamp and go to residency. Although I think that what I want to do mostly is sleep. When I come back, Robert will be out of a cast! He gets his cast off on the day I leave. The long haul of this operation recovery has been hard on all of us--we had just gotten to the point where we could function in a semi-normal way as a family, and Robert's inability to go anywhere is just more than he and we can take. I don't know what his mobility will be like out of the cast or how much rehabilitation is required.

I want, I want, I want--which means I am lacking or missing something. I think I am gradually starting to become human again. We've all been reduced to a sort of survival mode. Not quite as bad as that old SNL skit where the anchors of a local morning program are reduced to cannibalism after the teleprompter crashes and they have no idea of what to do or say.

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