Thursday, June 01, 2006

Robert's Surgery Update

Robert's surgery went well today. I've been really anxious about it for months because it's the most complex surgery he's ever been through, and, in addition, the recovery period is lengthy: 4-6 weeks in a cast and then physical therapy for quite some time afterward. Plus the uncertainties about his retaining all his muscle function, etc., because his underlying neurologic condition is so freaky.

He was in pain and uncomfortable today--and groggy from morphine and out of sorts and off schedule with his regular medications. But by late this evening as he got his regular reflux medications in him (finally) and then got his regular neurologic medications (he skipped a dose of one today), he seemed more at ease. I also got into his hospital bed with him, which I had not done because of all the lines and tubes--saline/glucose IV, morphine IV, catheter tube, pulse/ox leaders, heart rate leaders, etc. But I found some space. Then his heart rate went down and he really started to relax.

Roger is spending the night at the hospital tonight because we've discovered I just really don't handle that well--it just turns into a trauma triggering episode for me. But the odd thing is that I've been much more calm about this then I ever have before about other hospitalizations. After I finished work yesterday, I felt a sense of calm and peace about what was to happen. I had my brief little private freak-out as we entered the hospital elevators in the AM and felt defensively pissed-off for about an hour, but then relaxed again, and didn't have any other serious anxiety until we were called into recovery. Then I almost fainted. But I recovered.

He's in one of the less restrictive casts, so that's good. Now to bed.

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