Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Photos and Authority

I feel as though I've spent the last three weeks in a cave, and now I'm coming back into the light. Robert gets his cast off two weeks from today. Unfortunately, that is also the day I leave for Asheville, so I won't get to see the whole new Robert until I return.

Robert is doing much better--the new g/i routine seems to be really helping. I'm finally getting over my cold and feeling, well, less overwhelmed.

Starting to think about the class I'll need to teach next January. I think I'm going to look at the issue of authority in poetry--not simply authority, as in 'take charge' or an authoritative stance, but at the issue of putting the author into the poem. If you look up 'authority' in the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, it refers you to 'textuality' when you look up 'authority'. That is, the two concepts are, as far as PEPP goes, mutually opposed: textuality is the stance that suggests that the author is a construct; authority suggests that the author exists. While I respect the various critical postmodern impulses that lead to the idea of textuality, I find it impossible, lately, to ignore the very real fact that there is, indeed, an author. And the last 50 years or so have shown, so it seems, the problem of inserting an author into a text. How does one do that? What are the costs? What are the payoffs?

I'm not sure what texts I want to look at. Yet. I still need to define my terms.

[Above are my first experiments with adding photos to the blog. These are pictures of Robert and Edith at the National Zoo--a year or so old, as I lost a year's worth of pictures when my computer crashed. Better luck next time.]

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