Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tired of the Dem Establishment--Want an Apology

I note that the latest from the Dem establishment lately is that the political left blogosphere is the equivalent of rock-throwing 1960s/70s radicals. I saw that also in the NY Times online today. Are these people actually organized enough to circulate talking points?

My own feeling is that the Dem politico-media establishment owes the rest of us an apology. The left-wing political blogs may be as rabid as the right-wing ones, but why is that such a big deal? (and I don't count myself as a political blog.) The blogs have covered the stories the media won't, and they've been the only ones out there to even care about holding anybody to account for their actions. Anderson Cooper is a late-comer to this program with his "Keeping Them Honest" dog and pony show. Although I have to say he actually sent a reporter to what appeared to be the Russell or Dirksen building to ask Sen. Ted Stevens an impromptu question about the Alaska bridge to nowhere. Ted looked genuinely puzzled about why a CNN reporter was actually asking him a question about anything on the spot. He didn't look angry, he just looked really taken aback that someone was asking him an actual question.

The Dems in Congress and the centrist media have not done their jobs for the last six years. And now they have the gall to try to bully the blogs about actually having a spine? I think it's the sort of guilt such as your typical bad boyfriend expresses when you point out to him that the problems in your relationship might be partly his fault--and his response is to get angry out of an inability to even really grasp or understand the guilt.

Anyway, I love the new routine by the Dem establishment--the people who simply did nothing until they were sure it was safe, and then ride in acting like they've been the heroes all along. The Democrats have a big surprise coming in November if they can't figure out how to apologize to their base. The base went along with John Kerry on the promise that if we could just all stick together, blah, blah, blah. That anyone who couldn't toe the Dem party line was just a traitor and part of the problem. And the base toed the line, and the Dem establishment dropped the ball. I think that dropping the ball and then blaming the people who shut up for you once for your own mistakes is in really bad form. It's the way 16-year-olds behave.

I have spent the last few hours out with my 26-year-old cousin who has 5-6 times the maturity of the Dem establishment. I, however, am no longer 26 and must go to bed.

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