Saturday, May 06, 2006

Some of My

So, Roger and I went to see (finally), "Thank You for Smoking." It was very entertaining, if a little slow in spots. It was always amusing to see what kind of witty repartee Nick Naylor was going to come up with, but the plot was a little thin. What is extremely sad about me, however, is that my reaction to the movie was to think, "oh, that's true, we're all compromised."

It was a perfect DC movie. Probably THE perfect DC movie. Forget the Pelican Brief or No Way Out, or any of those other DC thrillers you've seen. Thank You for Smoking is the epitome of DC. There's a line in it where the protagonist, Nick Naylor says, "If you want an easy job, go work for the Red Cross." Indeed. My husband walked out of the movie telling me about work and this new FEC loophole and how that's going to mean a lot for business, and, gee, we're all compromised, no matter what we do, even those of us who work for the Red Cross. Because we all make deals, and we do it to pay the mortgage. We do it to stay afloat. I won't say where I work--it's for one of the 'good guys', but even there, compromises have to be made.

But I think back to before my kids were born, around the time I was married, and I took an administrative job working for a union election--one of the big ones--to pay back some bills--a short term job at union wages (with overtime). I ended up crossing K St. with a shoebox full of cash to deliver to another office. I was just praying I wasn't going to trip. That much cash fluttering in the breeze at a downtown intersection . . . .

This is WDC. This is your nation's capital. It's as bad as you think. Even worse. Some of my best friends are lobbyists.

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