Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I just wanted to say tonight how much I appreciated the life of Dana Reeve and her husband Christopher. I didn't know either one of them, but they both served as examples for me of how to lead lives with courage in the face of disability and adversity.

Dana graduated from Middlebury two years before I did--I did not know her, although I once came face to face with Christopher Reeve. Dana's step brother or half-brother was living in the same summer housing as myself (I worked at school every summer), so I ran into Superman on the stairwell one day, and was too shy to say anything more than a passing hello.

Who could know how life would turn out for any of us? That he would suffer such a terrible accident, and that my son would suffer a similar heavy blow that would leave him permanently disabled as well. And that both stood to gain from stem cell research. Do you think that all of us are caught up in some web of coincidence and fate--that even these casual path-crossings twist us against each other, affecting each other in ways that we cannot possibly understand? That something of another person brushes off on us even as we cross paths in the night?

If I could be half the person either one of them was, I would be proud of myself.

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