Friday, February 24, 2006

Sight & Sound

Brian Turner update first: Brian Turner, Iraq war veteran and author of Here, Bullet, has been interviewed by the PBS NewsHour for their poetry series, an interview I helped to arrange, so am very excited about it. The interview is tentatively scheduled for a Monday airdate, although it can be bumped by daily news issues. I will try to keep this updated, but will be at work all day Monday, where I don't have access to my personal email account. If you can watch--please do!

I've been thinking, on other matters, about the competing demands of the visual and auditory in poetry. When you compose, are hearing and seeing two different things, competing in their attention during composition and revision, or are they complementary? For me, I've found that putting a premium on 'seeing' is conflicting with my ability to 'hear' the piece. Or it may just be that my new work schedule is creating issues with my approach to revision altogether.

Focusing on an image then places rhythmic issues in the backseat, as developing the image becomes more of a semantic process--thus, diction choices are driven by accuracy of representation, not by sound. Or the sound selection re: diction comes later.

What do you think?

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