Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back to Poems!

The second issue of The New Hampshire Review is out online. As many of you know, they have published one of my poems, which you can read via the following link: This is a poem of which I was particularly fond, so I'm glad that it's found a home.

I noted the following in my writing journal a few days ago--something I'm pondering, I guess: 'Is part of what happens as you grow into yourself as an artist the recognition of your own species of artistic impulses--not strictly or exclusively the development of a voice, but the development of a catalogue of differing means of poetic expression?'

What did I think I meant by that? I'm finding that my poems artistic modes seem to vary pretty widely, and I don't mean in terms of form alone. I'm more interested in locating the artistic pulse of the piece, which can be mightily elusive, and then shaping the utterance such that it feels its way to its own boundaries, its own design. I might use punctuation or not, I might use varying types of lines, I might use skip or sliding syntax, I might use formal devices. The voice in my poems doesn't always sound the same.

Maybe I'm just naive. Is it more important to develop a unified-sounding voice, or is it more important to develop a species of artistic impulses, that is, a group of modalities?

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