Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Run Ragged

My only comment on the State of the Union address is that female politicians have got to get over that CoverGirl red suit thing. It was looking out at a dark patch of skin covered with boils. I suppose they see it as 'American flag red' or something, but, come on, that color red is tough to pull off, especially on blondes. Just because the guys always wear red or blue ties doesn't mean you have to paste your entire body over with red or blue.

And to the whole red/blue thing, whether we're talking about the boy politicians or the girl politicians: yes, we know you work on Capitol Hill, you don't constantly need to remind us through some kind of color-coding system. Even the Department of Homeland Security has given up on the terrorist traffic light nonsense.

Went to an amazing Susan Stewart lecture and discussion at Georgetown today. Will post more on that this week. Too exhausted tonight.

Lisa, I owe you a phone call--have been flat out the last few days. Don't have the baby until I call you!

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