Monday, December 12, 2005


Today I went out walking for the first time in a while--I mean, walking for exercise, with hand weights and all that. We had snow Friday, so footing was bad in many areas of the sidewalks because (ahem) some homeowners had not bothered to shovel their sidewalks or de-ice them.

I thought mostly about how much more fun it would be to be cross-country skiing. I was walking along with my hand weights, thinking about them being ski poles, thinking about how much more developed my muscles are in my upper arms due to lifting Robert and how much more speed and traction I'd get from the poles now. Could kind of imagine bringing one of my legs up and back to start the skiing motion, thought about how much faster I'd be moving, thought about using the edge of the ski to push off over icy snow, thought about using the poles and the step-shuffle method to get up the short hills in our neighborhood.

Alas, my mother gave away my skiis and boots years ago, thinking that they were just 'extras' hanging out around the house.

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