Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Many Rivers

Those of you who are interested in a ground-level view of what's going on in New Orleans would be wise to check out the Gatzgirl link in my links list down and to the right. Katie has posted several things that describe the on-going chaos and state of semi-repair that exists in the city right now.

Not much time to post right now, am trying to write shorter posts for the time being so that I post more often. Does that make sense?

I've gotten a part-time job as a policy analyst for the congressional advisory committee on student financial assistance. I start in January. I'm excited, but also nervous about the whole work/home juggling act. Although my children seem to be capable of living without me for hours at a time--imagine.

Today's music advice: find a copy of Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross" and listen. I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing with as much genuine emotion as that. I have the track from his "The Harder They Come" soundtrack (old reggae movie, which my husband was amazed I'd never seen). A UB40 cover of that hit came out while I was in college, but that was the 80s and it was a sort of techno version with little heart & soul.

Anyway, I listen to the Jimmy Cliff version to remind myself that other people suffer, too--that I am never, unfortunately, alone in that. Misery loves company? Gads, I hope not.

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