Friday, December 23, 2005

Ford Windstar: Run Away, Run Away

I was thinking over the last couple of days about that Ford Windstar minivan ad--the one with the guy from Northern Exposure (the cute guy who ran the radio station). He's doing a voice-over about some random Windstar owner named, oh, let's say Julie. Over clips of a grade school Julie, he talks about how she had such ambition when she was younger, she wanted to run the world, etc., etc., she was a real dynamo. Now she's taking all that energy and raising a family and a Windstar is her powertool for helping her with that task.

My paraphrase of this whole thing: "Poor Julie, once she wanted to do something with her life, but now she's just as happy wiping butts and driving a minivan."

You don't see that type of ad much anymore for minivans. It was kind of weird to think that a car manufacturer thought women would joyfully identify with having ours noses rubbed in the way family, well, carjacked our deepest seated ambitions.

Do they even make the Windstar anymore? I vowed after seeing that ad replayed hundreds of times that if I was ever cornered into buying a minivan out of some sense of practicality, that it would never, not ever be a Windstar.

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