Thursday, November 03, 2005

There's nothing between my ears, I must be a stay-at-home mom

CNN's NewsNight has just gone down the tubes. I was no fan of Aaron Brown because of the right-slanted, brook-no-opposition way he covered the build-up to the Iraq War, but it was still better than the frothing at the mouth that you get on Fox News and MSNBC's programming. And it was serious news at 10pm. We had to stop watching the PBS NewsHour, as I noted earlier, because the news was just too upsetting to our kids.

So, I've no problem with Aaron Brown being replaced by Anderson Cooper, at least when it looked like he was interested in covering serious news. We were looking forward to him kicking political butt in his apparent non-partisan way. But tonight's broadcast started out with a nod to the news, minimal news analysis, and then teasers about stories on the exploitation of women. Suddenly, NewsNight is interested in capturing the all-important demographic of stoner teenage boys: "Oh, dude, they're going to show bikini shots of the littlest anorexic ever--and, man, did you know that black chicks really LIKE shaking it in those hip hop videos? Like, I can't believe women are so shallow, it creeps me out. Pull my finger man."

Or do they think that stay-at-home moms are still up at 10pm dying to watch more Katie Couric nonsense with more graphic photos? Why I don't watch the AM news programs: producers think stay-at-home mothers are all high school drop outs, with the IQ of boiled eggs.

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