Friday, September 23, 2005

Patriotism or something like it

Off to the Tony Hoagland reading at the Folger tonight. The whole series this year is great--an interesting mix. I'm most engaged by Hoagland, Sharon Olds, Campbell McGrath, Kazim Ali. Most of all, I think a lot of the poets this season will be good 'in performance', which was not the case with one of the readings I attended last season.

Not a lot going on in my head today. Mostly wondering when we'll all come to consensus in this country that oil is the root of our problems. I love my car as much as anyone, but I'd be just as happy driving something at least partially powered by alternative fuel. We're forced to make political compromises with a lot of nasty people in a variety of countries, and polluting the environment, and funding terrorism indirectly, all at the same time. Amazing how we created our own enemy.

Also amazing how for so many, the love mantra is: my gun, my car, my country.

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