Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Back Again

I've been off-line for about 2 days. Been reorganizing my office--got to the point where I couldn't really move around anymore: books piled on the floor and in baskets (left over from the gourmet gift baskets our contractor brings us for sending him so much business, which he entirely deserves--you need a good contractor in Bethesda, I've got one), files in tubs and boxes, etc.

Bought stacking shelving units from Target, and books are now vertical. Husband's business moved to new office space, and they had extra lateral file cabinets. Now I feel more functional.

I haven't paid much attention to the news for the past few days. The federal government's response to the hurricane really made me nuts, and I was glued to the TV for days, unable to get over it. A new friend from my writing program lives in New Orleans--she evacuated with her family, and they are all safe in northern Lousiana. I told her that although I couldn't know what she was going through, that we in the WDC area have certainly had nightmares about our city suddenly not existing due to some devastating act of terrorism. It is not at all comforting that after all of the money that's been spent on national/homeland security, the federal government comes unraveled like a cheap sweater. For a couple of days, all I could think was, there we are, dying, and Bush is in Crawford clearing brush, members of congress are safe under some time of underground bunker system, and Sally Quinn is gloating about how she managed to procure the only gas masks that would protect her family in the case of certain biohazards.

Yes, just after 9/11, when people in DC were hysterical, Sally Quinn wrote an editorial in the Washington Post bragging about how hard it was to get certain types of gas masks, yet she had managed to find them and now her family was safe--too bad about the rest of you. These are the parents of the kids my kids go to school with. It's a sick city, but all of you know that anyway, don't you?

Speaking of the DC politics scene, a friend just had a poem published on a really unique website, devoted to poems about members of Congress, the meaner the better. Go to http://www.personnagesobscurs.com. Hope this web link works. If not, paste it into your browser--it's quite fun.

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